Third-Party Fulfillment Services

In addition to 18 Wheels being an industry-leader in transportation, distribution, and warehousing, we also specialize in order fulfillment services. E-commerce is a lucrative and growing trend, proving especially effective for marketing and distributing products online. With companies facing a multitude of other issues, many are outsourcing their fulfillment and e-commerce processes to third party logistic companies. Here at 18 Wheels in Vancouver BC, clients can be confident in our seamless third-party fulfillment services. Our order management processes deliver a positive and painless experience for your customers.

Benefits of Our Third-Party Fulfillment Services

Packaging Options:

18 Wheels can package all products for our clients. We can also perform custom order packing, gift wrapping, and marketing information inserts.

Inventory Management:

Our dedicated team will handle all your inventory with the utmost care and respect. The 18 Wheels team can help manage returns, perform quality inspections, and provide timely receipt confirmation for customers. Additionally, we can provide shipment data in real time, so that manufacturers are constantly informed on the status of their products.

Positive Customer Experience:

We can provide a complete and extensive solution to positively enhance your customer’s online shopping experience. Our experienced team is well equipped to handle any dynamic sales trends or changes.

Increased Efficiency:

In outsourcing your fulfillment to 18 Wheels, we can fully focus on providing a solution that will maximize efficiency, lower costs, and increase customer satisfaction. 

Why Choose 18 Wheels Warehousing & Trucking?

18 Wheels Warehousing & Trucking is fully equipped to support an increase in multi-channel orders from your customers. Our third-party fulfillment service is dynamic and flexible; plus, you can customize it to fit your e-commerce needs. With the many years of logistics experience, 18 Wheels can help bring your products to customers with speed, quality, and care. We can handle any order and return management, import and export functions, and reverse logistic services. Absolutely no details are overlooked when we execute our cost-saving e-commerce fulfillment services. Let us help take the burden associated with order fulfillment and inventory control off your shoulders.